Sunday, November 14, 2010

What the heck is a 'Nole?

Late last night as I dozed on my couch and the TV droned in the background, I was vaguely aware of M and J sitting on the edges of their chairs. They were discussing something called 'Noles. M said the 'Noles were probably going to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory again, and I thought that sounded like a pretty fun thing to do. Then he said they were going to try a 55-yard field goal with three seconds left on the clock and if they made it they would win the game, but if they missed it, the game would go into overtime. I think that's when the 'Noles were planning to snatch the defeat thingy. I was hoping they'd go ahead and make the field goal so we could turn off the TV.

They did. M and J seemed pretty happy about it. But I still don't know what a 'Nole is. Must remember to ask.


Fred said...

It was an amazing finish...we were seated in theendzone seats looking almost right down the muzzle of the kick...Need to check with Young Mike next time he visits Deland, he is the'Nole in residence.

Anonymous said...

It s a Seminole my good friend.. a Florida State Seminole