Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bareback Rider

The longer I live with Mike, the more clues I find that my adoptive ancestors were overly adventurous and perhaps a bit crazy. Take this picture of my Grandpa George riding his pet crocodile in 1925, when he was three years old:

M says that back then, Grandpa lived in a jungle-y place called Honduras, where his dad worked on a banana plantation and his grandparents had a gold mine. And wouldn't you know, the plantation was a lot more productive than the mine. But the point is that if this photo of Grandpa is typical of a day in his young life, I'm amazed he lived to be almost 90.

Which leads me to the main reason for this post: today is his 92nd birthday. Happy birthday, Grandpa!

While I'm at it I'll show you another picture from 1925. It's Grandpa's grandpa, who was also named George:

I think I'd better start keeping a closer eye on Mike, in case this penchant for going off the deep end turns out to be inherited.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

I wish I had a picture of my mom.

I would post it right here for Mother's Day:

Truth be told, my memories of Mom are rather hazy. But I still miss her and love her.

Mike and Jeannie miss and love their mothers, too. And they can remember them pretty well, since they have whole albums of family pictures to look at.

Here is Mike's mom, my Grandma Grace. I can remember her because she was a big fan of my blog and used to come visit me.

I never knew Jeannie's mom, my Grandma Milly, as she died before I was born. But she looks like a nice lady.

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers everywhere--including my adoptive mom, Jeannie!