Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oh, snap!

Last week it was turtles. Today it was alligators. M's beloved Florida State University Seminoles do love to spear them some reptiles. He says it's about time they beat the University of Florida, though. Their last win over their arch-rival was seven years ago. Final score today: 'Noles 31 - Gators 7.

I think it's strange that FSU had a harder time with the University of Maryland Terrapins. I mean, aren't alligators supposed to be a lot bigger and more vicious? Just another of life's mysteries, I guess. Oh, and speaking of the Terps, M says they beat North Carolina State today, which lets FSU play for the Atlantic Coast Conference Championship. But earlier in the season, the 'Noles lost to that same NC State!

Like I understand any of this. It all makes my head hurt. But I'm very happy that M is happy, because maybe he'll give me an extra Milk Bone or something.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Buddy, hold that thought; you might get lucky.

Remember, though, that M has been known to exchange nickels for dimes when he thought his younger sister didn't know the difference.

Good luck anyway!

Love, Grandma

Anonymous said...

Ok Buddy you dooo have quite a good looking female Harlequin whom might be a bit upset to hear of this talk upon her Gators..she does have quite a few gator games under the well belly lol
Careful she's also lil bit bigger haha!