Thursday, December 29, 2016

One of these things is not like the others.

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone! When my adoptive-sister Jenny was a kid, long ago in the days of yore, she liked to collect little toy humanoid things called dolls. One type that she especially enjoyed were known as Cabbage Patch Kids. They were made in a place called Babyland General Hospital, up in the mountains of northeast Georgia. Jenny loved her Cabbage Patch Kids so much that she kept them even after she was all grown up.

In 1992, Jen decided to have M take a photo of her Kids, and here they are:


The one on the left, with the blond ponytails, is Sally Ann, and she did not come from Babyland General. Instead, Jeannie actually made her by hand. But Sally Ann isn't the one I consider to be "not like the others." Check out the dark-haired dumpling in the blue overalls, sitting next to her. If you're thinking that somehow he doesn't seem ugly enough to be a Cabbage Patch Kid, you would be right. He didn't come from Babyland General Hospital, either, but from Cape Fear Valley Hospital, in North Carolina. He's M and J's grandson!

In 2010, this baby returned to his "Mimmy and Papa's" house to re-stage the picture--and boy howdy, what a difference 18 years can make!


M and J tried to make the reenactment as much like the original as possible. But alas, one of the Cabbage Patch dolls (Evita Cinthy) disappeared over the years, only to reappear some time later--after Baby Mike had gone back home. Stickler for detail that I am, I think he should come back for a "Take 2." But if that doesn't happen, this one's still pretty cool, don't you think?