Sunday, March 17, 2013

I'm too tipsy to tip my hat.

If I had some opposable thumbs and the strength to raise my arms, I'd tip my hat to St. Paddy. Like most adopted Sons of Erin, I'm a bit knackered from celebrating all day. Wanted to put in a blog appearance, even though I know I'm not at my best. (Mike says this picture looks like a mugshot. He probably knows what he's talking about.)

I think I'll skip the typing today. Instead, I've asked M to find us a piece of music that suits the occasion, something with a sweet melody and words that have a proper amount of Irish suffering. He says this one fits the bill. (For the full-size YouTube video, click here.) :


Anonymous said...


Sure and Begorra, that lovely ballad brought a tear to me old eyes!

Hope you’ve recovered from your Irish shindig (kegger?).

K9friend said...

I think you look very dapper in your green gear. Tell M thanks for the tip on Nashville. We didn't make it to Bluebird Cafe this time, but hopefully will next time!

Critter Alley

C. Lee McKenzie said...

So Buddy got into the green beer, heh? What kind of parent are you, Mike?

Thanks for the musical treat.