Thursday, March 7, 2013

I'm still not over this.

 I thought I was, but I  was wrong.

Today is my Grandma Grace's 89th birthday. It's also been exactly one year since Grandpa George died. A pretty strange coincidence, huh? But wait--it gets stranger. As some of you who have followed this blog for a while may know, Grandma died on Grandpa's birthday two years ago.

At first I thought there was a bit of dark humor in this--and I still do, at odd times during the year. But when their actual birthdays arrive, it feels like someone's put vinegar on my ice cream. Today I'm sad because Grandma isn't here to enjoy her birthday with us. But I'm extra bummed because I remember Grandpa's not around either. And I'll bet that on May 27th, when he would have turned 91, I'll feel double-slammed again.

I hope my readers won't mind if I take the easy way out today and rerun this "Happy Birthday" slideshow that we made for Grandma last year:

As for Grandpa, Mike says we should be glad that he's resting where he wanted to be, with so many of his Army comrades in the Florida National Cemetery.

His other grandson, my cousin Bryce, went to visit his grave recently:

Grandma . . . Grandpa . . . we still love and miss you a whole bunch!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Buddy. I knew you wouldn't forget. What a nice tribute on this special day!

Anonymous said...


A very sweet photo of your little “cousin” … remembering and missing loved-ones is always “bitter-sweet.”

Our thoughts are with you and your family as you celebrate and honor Grandma’s and Grandpa’s lives (NO vinegar on the ice-cream!)

Jenny said...

Great blog post . . . Hi, Grandma! Hi, Grandpa! I love you! Jenny