Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Good news!

In my first post of 2013, back on New Year's Day, I wrote about a dog named ET, who lived in a Kansas City cemetery with a deer named Ella. They were great friends. But some people were worried that ET might not be able to survive the harsh winter outdoors. So they had her moved to an animal shelter in hopes of finding her a permanent home.

ET and Ella
Well, this just in: ET has been adopted! While she was at the shelter, her name was changed to Mattie. (Mike wonders if Matt Campbell, a Kansas City Star reporter who covered the story last December, had anything to do with that.) But once she went to her "forever" home, her new human changed it again, to Moxie. Mike says there's a famous poem by T. S. Eliot about cats having to have three different names, but that seeing this rule applied to dogs is a first for him. I had to remind him that while he usually calls me Buddy, sometimes I'm Bud, Puppy, Pup-Pup, Pup-a-licious, Muttley, Sweet Buns, Big Doggie, or just plain Dawg. (I'm probably leaving a couple out.)

If you haven't read my January post, which has links to Mr. Campbell's original coverage and a related TV news clip, or if you've read it but would like a refresher, follow this link.

To see the story about ET's new home (and names!), follow this one.

As for Ella, she still lives at the cemetery, where she got through the winter okay despite being pushed around by some bad dogs. The people who run the place say that ET-Mattie-Moxie hasn't been back to visit Ella yet, but that she's welcome any time. I can understand her new person's wanting to wait awhile. After I came to live with Mike and Jeannie, Mike didn't walk me past my old wooded sinkhole for at least a year.

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Anonymous said...

"Exceeding many names ... and, by my faith, it must indeed be a goodly wit that knows all the lore and the examples of what chances have brought about each of these names." (Gangleri)

Good news, Buddy(Etc.), Thanks for sharing two stories with happy endings – yours and “ET/Mattie/Moxie’s.”