Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How many dog hotels can there be in this one-horse town?

At least three. I know, because I stayed in my third one this past weekend while M and J went to stay at a human one. Mine was at my doctor's office, and it was pretty basic, though at least I had a double room. One room had a good view of the woods outside. The other was very close to where the doctors and their helpers work, so they spent a lot of time stopping to chat with me and scratch my head and make me feel not too abandoned. All things considered, it was an okay experience, but I'll bet M and J had a better time at their hotel, which is called the Sheraton Sand Key Resort. Don't know why they didn't just take me with them. I would have gladly stayed in the room if they wanted to go swimming.

I don't think they did much swimming, though. The reason for their trip was so they could attend M's 50-year high school reunion. Holy cow, I can't even count to fifty except by fives. M says he enjoyed meeting up with some favorite classmates after all these years, but was distressed to learn how many of his old chums are no longer alive. Heck, I could have told him life isn't for the fainthearted.

He showed me the pictures he took and said he wishes he'd taken a lot more. I especially like this one of his friend Jim, who is taking a picture of M at the same time. That's pretty cool. It's sort of like having a shootout where nobody gets hurt.

I also liked these pictures of M's friend Sandy, who danced around and lip-synced a Patsy Cline song while she pulled a bunch of stuff out of her shirt, including a rubber chicken. I don't think I ever heard of a lady doing that before.

I can assure you none of the people at my doggie hotel did anything like it.

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We PHS Panthers are famous for living wild !
G-r-r-r-eat weekend !

Pantherette Squad Cat '60