Sunday, September 19, 2010

Let's pull off a scab!

This just in: a photo of my extended family--well, most of it, anyway--in Montego Bay, Jamaica, last month. From left to right, enjoying their snorkeling cruise, we have M and J's grandson Mike (my adoptive nephew), Jeannie, my sister Jenny, some old geezer with a trucker tan, my sister Bonnie, my adoptive niece Annabelle, and brother-in-law Fred. Nice job by the paparazzi, yo!

But where is Buddy, you ask? Where's the Bud Man, the one whose extended family this is? Ah . . . grab the edge of the scab there and give it a quick rip. And behold his mugshot:

This still doesn't seem fair, even if Arlo and Willis were in the slammer with me. For those new blog visitors who missed the full story, you can find it here.

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Jenny Jamaica said...

Awww! But you're home now.