Monday, August 9, 2010

Write a blog post with words of one syl...

. . . uh . . .with words of one . . . one . . . Oh, crud. Help me out here. How can I put this?

You know how some words are long and some are short, and short words are made up of one or two of what you might call "sound parts," but long ones have more than that? Well, it's those "sound parts"--M said I should do a post with words that have just one sound in each of them. In fact he dared me to try.

I'm on it, I told him. It would be a piece of cake.

Not quite, it turns out. In fact it's hard. As you can see, I got tripped up right out of the gate. Plus there's that whole thing of what to write. I mean, you do want the stuff you say to make some sense, right?

So I thought and thought--and then, just when I thought I might as well give up, like a bolt from the blue it hit me: Let's try a short rhyme. Check it out, friends:

There once was a girl from Van Nuys
Who loved to eat Big Macs and fries.
But what she craved most
Was creamed beef on toast--
And it all went straight to her thighs.

Hee hee. Not too bad, huh? Pas trop mal! (Whoa, look at that--The Big Dog can do it in French, too!) Nicht zu schlecht! (Und auch auf deutsch!) Now I wish ol' M had bet me some of his cold, hard cash and not just dared me.

P. S. - When I showed him my work, he sort of frowned.

"Don't you like it?" I asked.

He shrugged. "I guess it beats a poke in the eye with a sharp stick." Then he winked at me and said, "Ya done good, dawg! Real good!"

That M--what a trip.


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Anonymous said...

Brilliant, Buddy! You're lucky to have M's guidance with this kind of writing because he once won a contest for doing the same thing. Don't tell him, but I like your composition better! Felicitations!

Night Owl Hooting...!

Anonymous said...

Tell Mike he should get a job as a free lance writer.

Now try to write a piece in German with one syllable words. I couldn't do it in Ewe,(language used in Ghana and Togo).

See you tomorrow for a shrimp dinner.