Friday, August 20, 2010

And speaking of VIP Suites . . .

. . . I just had to post one more picture from the web cam in Spring Oaks VIP Suite #2, cuz it's cooler than that cement floor after a good washdown! It's from a print-screen that J did on her computer back on July 21st, when she and M were first thinking about having me stay there.

Several items are worth mentioning:

First, if you blow the picture up by clicking on it (you can then enlarge it even more by clicking again), you'll see in the top-left of the black bar above the camera image that it was, in fact, taken with "Bark Fest Cam 2." That was the one in my room!

Second, though, you'll also see at the top-right of the camera image a date stamp of September 26, 2008, which is off by almost 22 months. The one at the top of the web page says September 4, 2008, which is even farther from the truth. I can't explain these discrepancies, but I guess computers are allowed to have them--unless they're the kind that are supposed to control a jet airliner or a nuclear power plant or a missile defense system. Then you'd hope they wouldn't screw stuff up so bad.

Okay, no biggie so far. But third, and here's where it gets a bit strange: What manner of "Very Important Pet" is this we see grabbing a little napski down there? At first glance I thought it might be Goofy, the Disney character, since he's the only dog I ever heard of who wears man clothes, even in a cartoon with a "normal" dog who goes nekkid like the rest of us! (You hear that, M? Put the dern tee shirt away!) In any case I don't really believe it's Goofy, because the arms are flesh-colored and I don't see any long, dangly ears. So I'm guessing humanoid.

Now the fourth and most curious point: What's up with that second bed? And even more to the point, where was it when I checked in? What lesson are we trying to teach here--that some guests of this establishment are more "Very Important" than others? What a sad, Orwellian state of affairs that would be!

[Note to my new friends at Spring Oaks: Don't take this too seriously. I'm just jerking your chain--something that most dogs can only fantasize about.]

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