Monday, August 23, 2010

Stray Dog Humor 101

Once when I was turning over some garbage barrels behind a Winn Dixie, looking for breakfast, I saw a homeless man digging around in a dumpster. "How's it going?" I asked him.

"Terrible," he said. "I haven't had a bite in a week."

So I bit him.

Man, that joke cracks me up! My regular readers are aware that I like me some humor now and then and consider myself something of a "stand-up pup."

This makes me a kindred spirit with my adoptive sister Jenny. She's the funniest human I've ever met. I'll be chilling in the living room and ol' Jen will go into one of her spiels about something that happened at work last week or maybe on the school bus when she was a kid, or she'll start imitating her 7th-grade art teacher or tell us in minute detail how she raced some guy across a parking lot and into the ordering line at Subway (and beat him, of course!), and before you can say Tina Fey she'll have everyone in stitches. I know my face doesn't show it, but inside I'm laughing so hard I'm afraid I'll wet the couch.

M tells Jenny she ought to put her talents to full use and hit the open-mic nights on the comedy club circuit. I think he's right; she could be the next Rita Rudner or Janeane Garofalo. She's even had some training in stand-up, in a ten-week class taught by comedy impresario Vicki Roussman. When the Daytona Beach News-Journal did a story about the course, they used Jenny's expressive mug to illustrate it:

Isn't that way cool? Can't you imagine what she's saying? And check this out:

Here she is at her "final exam" for the course:

Nice stage presence, huh? M says Jenny has a videotape of the show. Maybe if we can figure out how to get it digitized, I'll see if she'll let me post her part of it. After everyone's final exam sets were over, Jen had her picture made with another of the students, a local performer named Uncle Ray:

Holy guacamole! I think that's the guy I saw by the dumpster!

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Jenny said...

Hahahaha! That was fun. Great blog post, too. Every time I see that second picture of me (in the blue-and-green striped shirt), I can't help but think, "I wonder if Gilbert Gottfried would like his photograph back." Maybe I'll have to mosey on down to Bonkerz sometime.