Monday, January 25, 2016

Happy Birthday, Rabbie!

Today is the 257th birthday of one of my favorite poets, Robert Burns. In his honor, I've written a wee verse "chiefly in the Scottish dialect." (I borrowed that last bit from the name of his most famous poetry book!)

Here it goes:

The Happy Bog Wanderers

Ah dreamt ah wis a hieland dog
A-rovin' thro' a hieland bog,
Glengarry at a jaunty tilt,
A cauld wynd whistlin up ma kilt.
Th' wynd it did nae bather me,
Fur ah wis wild--ma hairt wis free.
Wi' mukker Mike thare by ma side,
Na ither steid cuid ah abide.

A braw 'n' bonny birthday, Rabbie!


Jenny said...

What a distinguished-looking poet!

BUDDY said...

Ah cannae argie wi' that, mah dearie!

Anonymous said...

Pure dead brilliant, Buddy! You’ve out done yourself this year, topping 2015’s poetic tribute: “Bonnie Prince Charlie, Riding on a Harley …” SlĂ inte and may your Haggis plate always be empty and M’s whiskey glass always be full.