Sunday, June 21, 2015

Save the trees--please!

Mike is always going on about the terrible things that will happen if people don't stop wasting the earth's precious resources. Right now the destruction of forests is high on his hitlist. He fusses about the cutting down of trees to make paper that mostly ends up as junk mail, giftwrap, grocery store coupons, and political posters. He says it's better to plant trees than to destroy them, as their leaves take in huge amounts of a harmful greenhouse gas called carbon dioxide, while giving off life-sustaining oxygen for us to breath.

I'm with him a hundred percent on this. In fact, here is an even worse consequence of a tree shortage that he seems to have overlooked:


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Anonymous said...

Buddy and M, you both have serious and valid environmental concerns, so I’m mailing you several gazillion maple tree seedlings from my garden ASAP. I will use the ones remaining in my lawn to reforest all the rest of the Atlantic coast states.

As an economist, M may be interested in reading an enlightening article about how our well-intentioned recycling efforts are not working out quite as expected and, in some ways, making matters worse.

While I ponder the world-wide demise of common sense and environmental responsibility, Buddy, I also wonder, “Can dogs cross their legs?” Great illustration!