Monday, June 29, 2015

How hot was it in our back yard yesterday?

Pretty doggone hot.


cleemckenzie said...

That's hot! Saw your profound comment. . .the best of the lot, I must say. We're sweltering and drying up out here. I've noticed our bird population has dwindled to almost zero. I think they've headed down into the canyon for water. I keep ponds for them, but have stopped filling up the birdbath. Last month our water bill was $200 and I was gone most of the month. I'll have to mortgage my husband if this keeps up.

Hugs to Buddy.

Anonymous said...

SQUIRELL SPA! Hey, Buddy, roll out the pool-side bar! … Drinks on the house?
The last time I saw one of those little guys in that position, he didn't move for over an hour, so I called county animal rescue. The poor thing was so badly dehydrated, there was no choice but euthanasia. This summer, there's no need here to fill the bird baths because there's rarely a day without rain!

Stay cool, my friend!