Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thursday--yes. Throwback--not this time!

Here's a pic of Mike in 1997, on one of his annual guided fishing trips out of the Homosassa River with his dad and his Aunt Madelyn, in search of the not-so-elusive redfish:

And several more from their 2006 expedition:

M says he really misses those trips. The company was great, the fishing usually fine, and the river always beautiful:

I'd love to have gone with them except for--you know--all that water.

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Water Lover said...

Buddy, you’re SO lucky to live near beautiful beaches and fishing spots. I wish you could take a plunge (pardon the expression) and enjoy them as much as “M.” Just think – more great photo-ops! I’m thinking of all the delicious fish dinners I enjoyed at The Columbia and Mirabella’s. Thanks for sharing the wonderful views of the river.