Thursday, August 28, 2014

Another Throwback Thursday

Our theme for this Throwback Thursday is water safety. Our main conclusion is that it's a contradiction in terms.

To illustrate common hazards that you may find around large bodies of water, here is a picture of Jeannie (left) with her brother and sister. It was taken at the Gulf of Mexico in 1954.

Well, stone the crows! Was this an accident looking for a place to happen, or what? As if their reckless hijinks weren't risky enough, notice where they were situated--at the beach! In the water! Were they trying to drown each other or just break their necks? It's a wonder they didn't do both.

I'm happy to report that 60 years later, they are all still thriving . . . with no thanks to shenanigans like the above.

Now for a couple of much newer pictures of Jeannie, demonstrating the only safe and sane way to approach the wild surf:

Long story short . . . there isn't one! As you can see, I was trying my level best to drag J out of harm's way. Thank goodness I prevailed before a tsunami could come along and slam us.


J said...

Buddy, thanks for the blast from the past! Maybe next time
Johnny, Suzie and I are together we will recreate that stunt!

MR. BILL said...

"Ohhhh noooooooooooooo...

Buddy, don’t let them do it!”

Anonymous said...

Please make sure that invitations are sent for the recreation of the Jernigan pyramid! I will travel to see that.