Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lordy, lordy, Jenny's 40!

Today is Jenny's birthday--and it's a landmark--The Big Four-Oh! In honor of the occasion, Hubby Jeff threw a nice surprise party at a restaurant in Orlando. I couldn't go, of course, because they only allow seeing-eye dogs, not feel-good dogs. But I did get hold of some pictures.

Before the party, Jeff spent the morning running Jenny all over town, to give the guests time to arrive. One thing he did was take her for a helicopter ride:

When they finally got to the party, Mike took this photo of Jenny being surprised by Jeannie:

Jenny got to wear a queen hat and fancy glasses. Everybody else who wanted a hat had to look like a unicorn. Here's Jen with her friend Kim (center), who helped Jeff get everything organized. The two unicorns at the left are my nephew Mike and his girlfriend, Sarah.

Shazam! Did you ever see a hornier pair of unicorns?

In this next picture are Jenny's boss, Frank, and Frank's wife, Jeanne. And Jenny, of course, who looks like she still hasn't gotten over being surprised.

Okay, now she has:

Next we have Unicorn Jeff, standing between Jenny and Frank. To Jenny's right are Suzette, Susan, and someone's left leg.

For a 40-year-old lady, Jenny sure didn't have to blow out many candles!

Jenny offers Kim a cupcake:

Man, I would so watch that cake for them!

Michelle stops to offer congratulations and to grab something--presumably from off the table. (I can relate!)

Here's Jenny looking like she's about to be zapped by Bonnie with a stun gun. But it turns out that what's in Bon's hand is just her cellphone and a defective noisemaker.

Bonnie knitted this great pair of wool socks for Jen:

Next we have a pic of Bonnie and Cathy horsing around like they did in junior high school. Cathy's husband, José, looks like he wants none of it:

Afterwards--a well-fed gaggle of party-goers:

Ya did good, Jeff!

There's a Gordon Lightfoot song that I hear Jenny used to like when she was a little girl. I found it on YouTube. The video is grainy, and there's another version that has better audio. But M said I should use this one, because it shows Gordy live in concert playing his big ol' 12-string guitar.

Hope you enjoy! (For the original full-size clip, click here.)

Too much ain't enough! Last year, when Jen turned The Somewhat Smaller Three-Nine, I posted a clip that featured another song, the one for which she was named "Jenny Rebecca." If you missed it and would like to hear it, go here.


Anonymous said...

Awww! Thanks for a lovely birthday blog and serenade by Gordy! Jenny Cotton

Anonymous said...

Hey, Buddy! Too bad you had to miss the great party for Sis Jenny – hope they brought you a cupcake doggy-bag to thank you for keeping the surprise a secret. Forty good wishes to the birthday girl and thanks to you for sharing the photos.