Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Matter of Opinion

M's got his tail in a crack. He says our cats couldn't stink up their litter box as bad as the FSU football team stunk up Doak Campbell Stadium tonight.

Excuse me? Couldn't stink it up as bad as . . . ? I happen to believe stinky litter boxes smell pretty good. Kinda makes me wish we'd gone to the game.


OLD 'NOLE said...

M’s nose knows it wasn’t just Gator-breath fouling the air! Hate to have to say it:

K9friend said...

Must have been some game!

Critter Alley

BUDDY said...

Truth be told, I slept through most of the game. Mike says that's something I have in common with a few of the Seminole players. For more on my attempts to understand the Florida State - University of Florida rivalry, see some of my archived posts from November 2010.

WORD GAMER said...

Hey Buddy,

Speaking of games, ask M to ‘splain this to you: “God saw I was dog.”

Any bets on the FSU-GA TECH contest? Maybe redemption?