Sunday, August 5, 2012

I wish I could swim like this guy.

For that matter I wish I could swim like anyone who doesn't have a panic attack when he gets near water. Mike says it's hard to believe that one of my great-grandparents was a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. So far the only stroke I'm good at is the one I have in situations like this:

What am I doing wrong? Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Well, Buddy – you can approach the problem from two points of view:

When the earth floods from global warming, the swimmers will rule the world.

Or, as Bob Marley decided, “Well, me don't swim too tough so me don't go in the water too deep."

TG said...


Here’s a little inspiration for you: This cute clip, a canine music video, features Sofie, “The Canine Esther Williams of the 21st Century.” Loudon Wainwright III sings his famous “Swimming Song.” Enjoy!

BUDDY said...

That's a good video, and Sofie makes swimming look fun. But when Mr. Wainwright got to the line in his song that says, "I'm a self-destructive fool," I thought whoa, there's a mixed message! Maybe I'll try watching it with the sound turned off.