Thursday, April 19, 2012

My dog Sam eats purple flowers . . .

Wow! That has to be one of the greatest song lines ever!

What the rest is about, though, is anyone's guess--starting with the title, which is "Draggin' the Line." M says that might be because it comes from the same era--the 1960s and '70s--that gave us the "Sleepy Jean" tune we posted on J's birthday a couple of weeks ago. He says that while some of their dogs may have been flower powered, a lot of the songwriters back then were more into magic mushrooms and wacky tobaccy, and this often made for some mystical lyrics.

But this particular song has a really catchy beat, and between that and ol' Sam the Dog's quirky palate, I'm hooked like a snook in a brook. See what you think. (If you prefer the full-size clip, here it is at YouTube. The advertisement at the beginning is pretty annoying and isn't part of the song, so you can skip that if you want to.)

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Anonymous said...


Excellent comment on Robert Brault’s blog!

He’s also a deep thinker and an entertaining writer like you…and he loves dogs. You two should keep in touch.

Please thank M for the cool video of TJ’s song - one of his biggest hits. What a legend - first hit at age 16; still performing sold-out concerts at age 65; and teaching university seminars too!