Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cheer up, sleepy Jean! It's your birthday!

Jeannie seems to feel tired a lot these days. I can relate. M showed me this video of some singing monkeys doing a song that seems appropriate, especially since today is J's birthday, and she ought to get up and enjoy it.

Truth be told, I'm not a hundred percent sure what the song's words mean. Well, I can understand a few at a time. But when they string them all together, it gets confusing. I am pretty sure, though, that the singers aren't real monkeys. I asked M if he knew what the song is about, like on some deep philosophical level, and he said, "Search me. I just like the way it sounds. It makes me feel good. Maybe some of your readers can explain it."

See what you think, readers, and let us know. And Happy Birthday, J, from me and ol' M.

(Here's the YouTube link, if you'd rather watch it there. M says in either case, if you get one of those annoying pop-up ads, just close it the first chance you get.)

PS - Thanks to Google, I just found out I was right--these guys aren't monkeys, but instead are four boys who used to be famous for monkeying around. Sadly, I also learned that the one doing most of the singing and dancing and whose name is Davy Jones died just a few weeks ago--on Leap Day--right here in Florida.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Jeannie. Hope you have a wonderful day! Maybe Buddy and Mike will take you for a McDonald's burger or something yummy like that.

Anonymous said...

A very Happy Birthday to “J”…
Hope she enjoyed a FUNderful day!

Cool Clip, Buddy – GOOD Dog !

(This may show up as a repeat. Tried to leave it three times and kept getting knocked off the site by your "Blog Manager.")

misselaineous said...

Hi Buddy...Please tell Jeannie Happy Birthday from me...and don't feel bad that you are not a service dog. "Feel good dogs" are just as important. Thank you also for your post on the Florida National Cemetery in Bushnell. My mother and father are both gone, but I still have their ashes in my bedroom. They left no wishes on where they wanted to rest, and I have had a hard time making that decision. Your beautiful post has given me a nudge in the right direction. Thanks, good ol' feel good dog! *e*

Sleepy Jen said...

Happy Birthday, Mom! I had fun celebrating with you.

J said...

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. I had a wonderful day! Buddy, thank you for the special birthday post. You are truly a "feel-good" dog.