Thursday, December 1, 2011

There's a new baby at our house.

Ain't she sweet?

I asked M why we needed a new car, and he said because the old one is 17 and ready to leave home. Can't help wondering why his pickup truck, which is 25, isn't ready to fly the nest.


Bonnie said...

Woo hoo! 'Bout time! :-)

Jenny Honda said...

Congrats! Does this mean I'm a big sister?

Anonymous said...

Halleluia!! Your old car had a mean streak in it, letting you down at the wrong time!

I hope it was made in Marysville Ohio as that is a really advanced car plant Again Congratulations!!


Anonymous said...

VERY nice looking new “Baby Boyd!". Good Ol’ Santa arrived early this year, so I guess you must have been exceptionally good, Buddy. Enjoy your new ride!

Anonymous said...

Very nice car. It looks like it was made for a family with a super dog like you, Buddy! Congratulations!
Auntie Julia

cleemckenzie said...

That's quite a spiffy new addition. Buddy has great visibility with those streamlined windows at the back. Congratulation!

Oh, and thanks for joining my book giveaway. You've got me thinking about a new book now. I'll call it Adventures in Garrapatas Creek. Is that "tickish" enough?