Thursday, November 24, 2011

Today is M's birthday!

I'll bet you thought it was just Thanksgiving--or as it's known around our house, the Ides of Thankshallowistmas.

M tells me his birthday falls on Thanksgiving Day on average once every seven years. He says this is also true of anyone whose birthday is November 22nd, 23rd, 25th, 26th, 27th, or 28th, which are the only other possible dates for the fourth Thursday in November. All Thanksgiving birthdays follow a repeating pattern of six, five, six, and eleven years. My man's last one was six years ago (2005), and the one before that was way back in 1994. So the next one will be in five more years (2016), then six years after that, then eleven years, and so on. But M says that if he's still around by 2033, he won't know Tuesday from August, so who cares.

Well, me for one. I care a whole bunch. Here's to the guy who walks me twice a day whether I feel like it or not:

Happy birthday, kemo sabe!


J said...

Buddy, tell our man I said Happy Birthday and Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful that he walks you twice a day, too!

Anonymous said...

A Happy Thanksgiving Birthday-
National Turkey and M’s Day!
Best wishes and Hip-Hip-Hooray:
Buddy’s Ol’ Man – he’s A-OK !

Fred said...

Happy birthday Mike!
So how was Thanksgiving Buddy?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Mike! Happy Thanksgiving, too. NICE OUTFIT! And special thanks to Buddy for the calendar lesson and information. I never knew all of that; never thought about it, I guess cause it wasn't MY birthday!

misselaineous said...

Happy Birthday M! I also celebrated my birthday Mom used to call me her little Butterball {born Thanksgiving eve} and never failed to remind me that I weighed almost as much as said butterball...10 pounds!...AND that she had to eat hospital food that year. Love you too Mom! :o} So... how come I never knew {or remembered?} about the 6...5...6...11 thing? Thanks for the education, Buddy...hope you had an fabulous Thanksgiving with your family!! *e*

Anonymous said...

Hi Buddy,

Tell M we're sorry he didn't let us know it was his BD! We would have given him a great Happy Birthday song and there were some good singers in our group!

M later told me that you were a good guy while M and J were away for our meat at Florida Lutheran.

Any way a belated Happy Birthday and next year we promise two special meals, on the 22nd and the 24th!


Jenny November said...

Thanks for the lesson! Hope your man had the happiest of birthdays and Thanksgivings. I'll be celebrating with him after my trip.