Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy birthday, Jeannie!

Today is J's birthday--and that's not an April Fool trick, either. So a great big salute and lots of good wishes go out to her!

On our walk a few days ago, M mentioned he had a special present for J that he wanted to give her on the blog. He wrote her a love song! (I don't think I've ever told you this, but M likes to dabble in songwriting. He writes both kinds of music, country and western. As you can imagine, I get to hear a lot of his works-in-progress as we mosey down the road. But this one was a complete surprise.)

"Cool!" I said. "What's it about?" He said it was about three-and-three-quarter minutes. Then in response to my low growl, he revealed that it's about this guy--a struggling singer-songwriter--who's always out on the road trying to make a living playing in cheap dives and honky-tonks, while he misses his old lady like the dickens and looks forward to getting back home to her. M says he got the idea from watching a Jeff Bridges movie called Crazy Heart.

So without further ado, here's M's little musical prezzy to J.

(For the full-size version, follow this link to YouTube.)


Bonnie said...

Oh, I love it! Happy birthday, Mom!

Jenny Cash said...

What a great gift! Happy Birthday, Mom! Nice song, Dad!

catstudstill said...

Nice! Sound like a young Willie Nelson! Happy Birthday Jeannie!!

J said...

Buddy, Thanks for letting M share your blog. I love the song! Your "old man" has a real talent.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Buddy,
Belated Happy Birthday wishes to J – hope she had a wonderful day! M’s song is beautiful and a very lovely and loving gift. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Be especially good to your peeps, B, and maybe someday we’ll hear the talented M sing “The Ballad of Buddy!”

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Birthday to you, Jeannie. Hearing Mike sing this song makes me want to get out the CD he gave me a while back and hear some more.
Very cool!

Anonymous said...

Buddy-----is today your Birthday?

If so Happy Birthday!

BUDDY said...

Thanks, Julie! It sure is. You beat me to the punch!