Friday, March 4, 2011

A certain cartoon dog is stealing my act.

M says that since I came to live here, "Marmaduke" has taken on a whole new meaning for him. Roger that. I've noted several times in this blog where ol' Marm's cartoon life seems to mirror my real one. Here are a couple more examples. The first one isn't just a case of taking a page from somebody's playbook. It's more like ripping the front cover off:

Speaking of being "part Great Dane," I'm on pins and needles waiting for my DNA test results to arrive. After all that cheek scraping M and J did on me, what if they mostly got the residue of my previous dinner? What if the lab thinks I'm part lamb and part cow?


Anonymous said...

Buddy - it's you! BTW, did you get off your comfy couch long enough to participate in DeLand's annual Dog Parade? If so, tell us all about it - pictures?

BUDDY said...

We didn't do the parade, which is just as well. I saw newspaper pictures of dogs dressed in weird Mardi Gras costumes. Some even had their hair dyed pink! If they'd pulled that stuff on me, I would've had to bite somebody.

Anonymous said...

Intelligence AND Attitude - "Like!"