Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy birthday, Bonnie and Ally!

Two of this blog's loyal followers share a birthday, and it happens to be today! Special birthday hugs go out to my sister Bonnie and cousin Ally.

Everybody knows what a sister is, but cousins can sometimes take a little explaining. Ask any genealogist--like M, for instance. Ally's mom is M's aunt, but she's also his first cousin once removed. That's not as trailer-trashy as it sounds. All it means is that M's mom and Ally's mom are first cousins who married a pair of brothers. It also means that M and Ally are not only first cousins (because of their brother-uncles), but second cousins as well (because of their first-cousin-mothers). Which I think makes Bonnie and Ally both first and second cousins once removed. And I guess the same relationships apply to me and Ally (by my adoption, of course). And M is his own grandpa. Holy cow, forget what I said about trailer trash. This is pretty funky. It's starting to remind me of Deliverance. And they say Irish setters are overbred!

But anyway, back to my main message, which is a lot simpler: Happy birthday, ladies!


Anonymous said...

At least you and J aren't cousins like Becky and Eric. Who knew?!? Anyway...Happy Birthday ladies!

Bonnie said...

Aw, thanks, Buddy! :-)

Anonymous said...

For lyrics to "I,m My Own Grandpa" go to:


Jenny said...

I hope Bonnie and Ally had very happy birthdays!