Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Let sleeping dogs write!

Contrary to human mythology, when a dog wiggles his feet in his sleep, he's not always chasing a rabbit. I for one have never chased a rabbit in my life, either awake or asleep. I did a little nocturnal high-stepping last night, but it's because I was having a bad dream. I don't have them much anymore--just every now and then. M and J tell me that I sometimes wag my tail in my sleep, and I guess that's a sign that I'm taking to my new life pretty well.

But last night's dream was a little disturbing. Something positive did come from it, though. When I woke up this morning, I wrote down another poem! See how this grabs:


Sleeping in the rain
Is a pain
In the butt
For a mutt
With little choice.
An angry voice
Assaults my ear:
"Hey, you, get outta here!
Too bad you're all wet--
Now get
Your stinky hide outta my front yard!
I know life's hard.
It's a bitch--no offense."
(None taken.)

I awaken
Somewhat shaken
And struggle to my feet,
Then head for a place across the street
Where the rain-soaked grass looks just as green
And hopefully the humans are a little less mean.
As I slink down the long and winding drive,
To show my friend that I'm still alive,
I decide to leave a gift--I squat for a minute.
Maybe tomorrow he'll step right in it.

Gettin' there, huh?

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