Saturday, June 5, 2010

I was just doing my job!

If M and J didn't want me to move the roast pork au jus from the kitchen counter to the floor last night, they could have said so. But noooo! Instead they left me alone in there to draw my own conclusions. Did they forget that food relocation is a big part of who I am? Oh--and get this--rather than scoop up the pieces and eat them, which was apparently against something called the five-second rule, they had hot dogs. So of course that became my fault, too. I swear I haven't heard such negativity since a week ago, when I assumed that one of their grilled Cuban sandwiches was mine.

Property rights are a real puzzle. I had another head-scratching moment this morning, when I got into a disagreement with Arlo about who owned the toad that was in our living room. After much discussion it turned out that M owns it and thinks he should keep it outside.


Anonymous said...

Hey Buddy!

Thanks for allowing me to end a dog-gone bad day with a howling good laugh! (Sorry, M and J - just too funny!!!)

Jenny said...


Anonymous said...

Well, Buddy, it sounds like the honeymoon is over. All those promises to treat you like a member of the family now have a hollow ring to them, don't they? But let's count your blessings: you're no longer out in all kinds of weather, you're eating regularly (even though it may not be what's on M and J's menu), and you're being medicated to clear up your heart worms, etc. I think you could say you're come a long way, Baby.

Love from your Grandma

sherrijj said...

Ha ha ha, Buddy! Thanks for a good belly laugh! Did you at least get to sample the roast pork? I think it should have gone in your bowl since you went to the trouble of relocating it for M and J! -- Cousin Sherri

BUDDY said...

Cousin Sherri - I'm not supposed to know, but I'm pretty sure that roast has been making its way into my food dish. My last few meals have been major good. I should probably feel a little guilty about that. I'll work on it.