Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thang you! Thang you vurra much!

In my first post last month, I thanked my human inner circle, the Den of Spies, Operatives, and Conspirators in the Brandywine Resistance who kept me fed, watered, and slightly medicated while I was on the run. They will always mean more to me than they can ever know. Without their TLC I'm pretty sure I would have ended up dead--or worse.

Tonight I'd like to express my appreciation to a much larger group: my New Extended Family, you folks who have found your way to my blog, particularly those who keep coming back for more, and most especially the ones who have been moved to write comments. It makes me feel doggone good to believe we may have connected on some really deep level. And it's comforting to know that--as an overpaid movie actress once said--"You like me! You really like me!"

Confessions of a Canine Couch Potato has enjoyed (have enjoyed?--I'm still wrestling with your strange language!) hundreds of hits since it went public less than four weeks ago. If my Site Meter account is to be believed, I've had readers from all over the U.S. as well as such faraway places as England, Germany, Spain, Israel, and Afghanistan. (Thanks, Uncle Fred! Stay safe! I can't wait to meet you this summer!) And my 15 posts have brought forth over 30 of the most wonderful, uplifting comments. I hope this trend will continue and I encourage you to send my link to any of your friends and relatives who might be able to read and who dig animals. To hear M and J tell it, a lot less worthwhile hoo-ha gets forwarded around the old e-mail system. So please let your peeps know we're here and we're hungry for "sticky eyeballs." (Hmm. That's a real cyber-term, but now that I see it in print, it looks a lot grosser than I expected.) I also hope that more of you will consider leaving comments. (Please remember to be gentle, though. I'm a sick puppy!)

Once again, my thanks to all of you. I really like you, too!


misselaineous said...

yes Buddy...we really like you! your story is an inspiration...I am so happy that your new peeps found what on earth are sticky eyeballs??!! Have a great week, Buddy...looking forward to more of your poetry. *elaine*

Grace said...

I like you, too, Buddy. (Of course, I am required to like you 'cause I am, after all, your grandmother.)

Keep on "keeping on," Buddy. You're touching a lot of folks out here who want to hear that you're staying out of trouble now and adjusting to your new world. We hope you're feeling better every day. Love, Grandma Grace

Buddy said...

It's always nice to hear from you, Grandma! I am, in fact, living the squeaky-clean life now--and even getting along better with crazy old Willis.

Elaine, I'm gathering more poems as we speak. FYI, "sticky eyeballs" means people who visit your website and stay awhile and maybe come back later. That would include you, since you're one of my "Followers." But I know the term sounds pretty icky. (Hey, it's your native tongue, not mine. I'm an ESL kind of guy.)

Ally said...

Buddy, you are a gentledog and a prince (but I'll call you Buddy, cause you wouldn't pay me a hill of beans of attention otherwise.) Your person, M, helps to tell your story(ies) with his usual paunch and dignity - no offense, M. You have quite a few doggy cousins in your extended family, too, Buddy, but it's probably not a good idea to get you all together at one time. So, no, I don't think you will be having a doggie party any time soon, sorry. Cousin Ally