Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Art imitates art.

You can have your Monet, your Cezanne, your Picasso, your Andrew Wyeth.  My favorite painter has to be the righteous dude who did this:

I've told Mike about a hundred times that we need to get a framed print of it to hang in our living room. But I digress.

So anyway, I thought it was pretty cool when this updated version appeared in yesterday's comics:

(Of course I read the comics. How could anyone with my finely tuned sense of humor not read them?)

The only other painter who gives me a real buzz is Jackson Pollock, who did stuff like this:

I like Pollock because his style resembles my own when I try to paint, either with my food or at a really neat website I found. If you'd like to create your own Jackson Pollock painting without getting your paws messy, click on this link. Once you enter the site, just start moving your mouse around and wah-LAH!--you are zee instant arteest! Change colors by left-clicking your mouse.


1 comment:

Grandma Grace said...

How neat! And I didn't even knnow I had artistic talent!

Thank you, Buddy; you've made my day!

Love, Grandma Grace