Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Happy birthday, Jeannie!

Well, J, wouldn't you know it? On our walk this morning, M informs me that today's your birthday.

"April fools, right?" I asked him.

"Alas, no, dawg," he replied. "I'm sure I mentioned it last week."

He did no such thing. What's more, he knows I count on him to give me a loud and clear heads-up for these special once-a-year dates, since I still struggle with the human calendar.

As you might imagine, it's hard to come up with birthday blog ideas on short notice. But I did find a nice lady named Casey Henry on YouTube who said she'd be glad to play "Happy Birthday to You" on her banjo. She does a great job with it--and there's a nice bonus: After she rips through it up-tempo the first time, she plays it again slower, in case you want to learn how to do it yourself. It looks like all you need is a banjo, nimble fingers, and a pair of opposable thumbs. (To learn more about Ms. Henry and her banjo lessons, go to her website.)

Happy birthday, dear Jeannie!


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