Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Emperor's New Hat

Check out M's snazzy new headgear. It's called a Glengarry cap, and he ordered it from someplace in Scotland. He bought it to wear with his kilt, but the weather's still too hot here for that. So for illustrative purposes, a Hawaiian shirt will have to do. Once he has the whole suit on, he'll look more like that nutcracker.

Oh--and that round metal thingy on the side is a Boyd clan badge.


Anonymous said...

Shades o’ Robbie Burns (or more likely Robbie Buidhe?!) A right smart boineid biorach and badge whatever the weather. May “M” wear it in good health and you all enjoy the holidays. (COOL kilted nutcracker!)

cleemckenzie said...

I haven't been by in a coon's age! Sorry about the cliche. I see you have a wee bit u Scot in ya, Laddie. Bagpipes?

Hope your Christmas is delightful. How's Buddy?

BUDDY said...

I'm finer than frog hair, Lee! Thanks for asking. M says I might get to do a publicity piece for your latest book. Ooh--can't wait!

BUDDY said...

PS - Hats and kilts are one thing (okay, maybe two things), but bagpipes for M? We might have to vote on that.