Sunday, January 19, 2014

I've got mail!

I hardly ever get email, but today I received a really nice message from a couple of pet friends in Colorado, a dog named Emmie Lee and a kitty named Milo. As it happens, Emmie and Milo's peeps are good friends of Mike and Jeannie. They attached several great photos of themselves, and I thought I'd share them with you.

Here's one of Emmie. Whussup, good lookin'?

And here's Milo relaxing under the Christmas tree:

M and J can't put up Christmas trees anymore, with five cats in the house. Four of them are definite climbers.

Finally, one of Milo sporting an Elizabethan collar to keep him from scratching an owie on his nose. I have an E-collar from one of my visits to the vet last year, but I didn't have to wear it after all. So I guess it ended up being just a souvenir.

Milo doesn't look too thrilled with his. I hope he feels better soon!

Thanks, guys, for being in touch!

Updated  Monday, January 20, 2014:

You can find some nifty ideas in the comics. If Milo likes watching TV, maybe he could get this upgrade kit:

1 comment:

TG said...

Hey, Buddy!

Thanks for sharing the cute pics. I bet your Colorado friends could give me some great tips on frigid weather survival.

I’ve been playing “O, Pioneer!” just like my New England ancestors used to because I’ve been without heat and hot water since the 10th! Long story short: That’s the way when your chimney crumbles! Must wait for extensive repairs and/or reventing of furnace and water heater until the weather is out of the single digits and teens long enough to do the work.

You and your peeps stay cozy and I’ll TRY!