Wednesday, December 4, 2013

'Twas the night they'll remember . . .

Just what is it that inspires poets? Well, lots of things, including the occasional jaw-dropping miracle. Take this little gem that's been making the rounds, for example:

'Twas the night they'll remember
      by Chuck Porretto

'Twas the night after Auburn, and all through the land
Not a "Roll, Tide!" was uttered by a Crimson Tide fan.

They used to be boisterous, they used to be loud,
they used to be boastful, and cocky and proud.

But they lost all their swagger, they lost all their swing,
For one little second had changed everything.

The score it was even, the clock had run dry,
When Nicholas Saban then started to cry.

He demanded a second be put on the clock.
The worst that could happen? A miss or a block.

But fate it is fickle, and greed has a price,
And what happened next just wasn't too nice.

The previous kicks, wide left and wide right.
So he put in a rookie--'twas not very bright.

The kick was a boomer of 56 yards,
But the extra yard needed was not in the cards.

And back in the end zone a lone Tiger stood.
He caught that ol' football, he caught it real good.

He started to run, he heard the cheers grow.
The Crimson Tide offense? Too fat and too slow.

One hundred and nine he ran for a score.
If needed he could have run one hundred more.

The crowd it erupted while storming the field.
The Crimson Tide's season was settled and sealed.

A cry of 'War Eagle!" soon echoed the plain.
Nick Saban's expression was one of pure pain.

And up in Ohio they shouted "Go, Bucks!"
It gave hope to many except Gators and Ducks.

And in Tuscaloosa you could hear a pin drop,
And in Tallahassee a tomahawk chop.

For the night after Auburn the Tide does not roll.
The new boss in town wears garnet and gold.


FSU-RA said...

HEY, Buddy!

LOVE this post! Would you please consider adding a research gadget to CCCP so your faithful readers can find posts by key word, phrase, or date? It's really easy to do from your layout settings --- and life is short.


FSU ALUM said...


This gadget makes it so convenient to find and again enjoy favorite posts!