Saturday, September 7, 2013

How 'bout these 'Noles!

Last Monday night in Pittsburgh, FSU's Seminoles gave the Pitt Panthers, as Bobby Bowden would say, a dadgum whuppin'. 'Noles freshman quarterback Jameis Winston racked up five touchdowns, four by passing and running one in himself, on the way to a 41-13 victory. Three of the TD passes went to golfing legend Jack Nicklaus's grandson, tight end Nick O'Leary. Here are some game highlights from YouTube:

The Seminoles have this weekend off. Jameis spent a little of his leisure time getting to know an FSU senior, Mike Taylor, as well as Mike's dad, Fred, and their dog, Ginger:

Looks like Jameis was in such a hurry to meet the Taylors, he ran right out of his dadgum shoes. Dadgum!

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TG said...

Buddy – nice post re a great game. The Taylors scored a terrific photo and fun memory of Mike’s senior year.

RE Jameis Winston: WAY! to start a football career! Looking forward to the season’s action and more star performances from him.

Ol’ “Nole”