Thursday, August 8, 2013

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the kitchen . . .

Every now and then, when our cats are in the kitchen looking for food, which is almost anytime Jeannie or Mike go in there, J or M will say that they're "sharking around." I never quite got the gist of the term until I saw some recent TV coverage of hungry sharks feeding on smaller fish. (This week, it seems, is Shark Week, so . . . um . . . Happy Shark Week!)

Then today someone sent J a video clip that puts a whole new spin on the cat-sharking-around phenomenon. Check this out:

Let me make a couple of observations: First, that is one clean kitchen floor. The cat in the shark suit must drive the wheels off of that little vacuum to keep everything so spotless. And we know the vacuum really works from the way it finally sucks up the piece of trash lying just in front of the far right cabinet. (Though in this case it appears to drop it again in practically the same spot.)

But second and more importantly, notice which critter very appropriately gets the kiss at the end of the movie. We have that same pecking order in our house.

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