Saturday, July 27, 2013

Nettie Price is my kind of artist!

There's a lady who lives just up the road from us in a town called Palm Coast, and she's a very talented painter of dogs. Here are two of her pictures that were in the newspaper the other day. I like these especially because the dogs in them remind me of yours truly.

The first one is called "Hoss in Heaven":

See the resemblance?

And this one is "Khaki Shorts Goes Fishing":

Pretty cool stuff, huh?

Her website is called "Nettie Price: Sparkling Art for the Young at Heart." Check it out.

Keep up the fine work, Nettie! And if you ever need a well-behaved model, just give me a jingle.


Anonymous said...

Buddy, it’s YOU! Maybe M and J should start your collection with “Khacki Shorts Goes Fishing,” Cute!

Jencent Van Gogh said...

Aww! That does look like Buddy! Nice artwork!

Nettie Price said...

Thank you so much! I am so happy you enjoy my artwork:) Sorry it took so long to post... Take care, Nettie