Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dear Abby . . .

Mike lost a dear friend yesterday, a lady named Abigail Van Buren, who died at the age of 94. M says her real name was Pauline Phillips and that he never actually met her, but he had breakfast with her almost every morning. I don't know how he pulled that off, but I'm sure he did. He says she gave him lots of valuable advice over the years, though in recent years, while she was in poor health, he's gotten pretty good advice from her daughter, Jeanne Phillips.

Here's a song that one of M's favorite folksinger/songwriters, John Prine,  made up about Ms. Van Buren. We post it in her honor (click on the little "x" in the Google ad to make it go away):

(For the full-size video on YouTube, click here.)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Buddy,

Enjoyed Prine’s clever salute to a very, witty lady known around the world for her down-to-earth advice. Thanks for the clip!