Saturday, June 9, 2012

Goodbye, Old Paint!

I've been meaning to post this update for ages, but it seems like the hurrier I go, the behinder I get.

Back in December, when I blogged about our new car, I mentioned that the old one was 17. M tells me this is about a hundred in human years. He said she'd become a breakdown looking for a place to happen. One problem he had in figuring out how to get rid of her was that he couldn't bring himself to sell her to someone who actually needed transportation. And he didn't want to trade her in on the new one, because that's a recipe for getting yourself screwed to the wall by some slick-talking salesman.

Then he remembered an article he'd seen in the paper about donating cars to the Halifax Humane Society. He tracked it down and found a link to a special HHS website called, which is a charity partner of the nation's biggest vehicle donation program. One mouse-click and three form-filling steps later, he'd arranged for an auto auction company to come get Old Unreliable and haul her away. A few months later we learned that she sold at auction for $1,000, probably for scrap metal and parts. It was the final piece of a win-win deal: HHS got the much-needed money, and we got room in the garage for our new car. M says that when he can finally bear to ditch his 25-year-old pickup truck, he'll donate it to HHS, too.

We highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to dispose of a used-up vehicle without inflicting it on some innocent buyer who knows where you live. They'll take all kinds of vehicles, too, not just cars and trucks. And it will give you a good feeling to know you are helping to care for neglected animals while they wait to find loving homes. So please check it and be sure to tell them Buddy sent you.

While I'm on this subject, I want to give a special shout-out to Tyler Stover, the Halifax Humane Society's community outreach director. Tyler, who is one of my newest blog Followers, wrote the article about the vehicle donation program. His weekly column, "Tails from the Front," appears each Saturday in the Daytona Beach News-Journal. It's some very worthwhile reading for animal lovers!


cleemckenzie said...

I'm about to donate an old car myself. I'll check into the humane society and see if they might want it. Good idea!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of animal lovers, Buddy: I've noticed that you are a fan of Robert Brault's blog. We're missing him now that he has retired from posting. Here's one of his older quotes I thought you'd like:

"If man were relieved of all superstition, and all prejudice, and had replaced these with a keen sensitivity to his real environment, and moreover had achieved a level of communication so simplified that one syllable could express his every thought, then he would have achieved the level of intelligence already achieved by his dog."

BUDDY said...