Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy birthday, Jenny Rebecca!

Bonnie isn't the only one in our family who was named for a song. So was her sister, Jenny. The song is called "Jenny Rebecca" and it was written by a lady named Carol Hall. Here it is sung by Barbra Streisand. As you can imagine, it's always been one of our Jenny's favorites. (To see the bigger version at YouTube, follow this link.)

Happy birthday, Jen!


Anonymous said...

Wow! What an awesome musical tribute! I really think you are one talented dog, Buddy! Happy Birthday to Jenny from me, too!

EM and Grammy said...

Buddy, you never cease to amaze us!

Jenny Rebecca is indeed “lucky, lucky, lucky” to have a SUPER-clever “sibling” produce this beautiful celebration of her birthday. The photos are wonderful and perfectly matched to the music too!

Credit must, of course, go to M and J’s production talents, too: lovely girls with lovely names inspired by great songs! Good job!

Happy Birthday, Lucky Jenny!

Lucky Lucky Lucky Lucky Girl said...

Love! The! Slideshow! Thank you!!!

sherrijj said...

That tribute made me misty-eyed! Love it! Happy Birthday Jenny Rebecca, you lucky girl!

Anonymous said...

I remember your stand-up comedy routine in Deltona - Hope you keep up with the comedy, and acting too.



Maria said...

How sweet! I love the song, too. For some reason I thought it would be completely different. Happy birthday again, JRB!