Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My card, sir.

One of the nice things about my daily walks around the neighborhood is getting to meet new friends. So far I've met at least a gazillion--a couple dozen more if you count the ones who fed me while I was still living on my own.

Just when I think I've met everyone there is, somebody else pops up. Our "stop-and-chat" almost always ends with M telling the new person about my blog. This week, as a little reminder, we've started handing out my very own business cards. Take a look--first the front side:

And now the back:

Pretty cool, huh? I wish we'd thought of it about half-a-gazillion people ago.


Jenny Ceo said...

Great idea! Even I don't have business cards.

Anonymous said...

Impressive! Well done, Buddy (and staff). If M will let you use the printer, you could start a cottage industry making them for your friends. Might help with the doggy biscuit bills...

Anonymous said...

Very cool, Buddy! How neat is that; both front and back! Maybe you could send me a few of those. I have some canine friends who would enjoy logging on to view your blog.
Aunt Julia