Friday, July 8, 2011

Judge: Strip search of strippers illegal

M cracked up over this headline, which was on the front page of yesterday's Daytona Beach News-Journal. After he explained to me what a strip search is--and what strippers do for a living--I found myself sharing his amusement. At the same time, though, I have to wonder about the mental process that led to this totally unnecessary act.

The story by staff writer Jay Stapleton begins:

     DAYTONA BEACH SHORES - Four exotic dancers won a $200,000 settlement from this small, seaside city after a judge ruled police shouldn't have strip searched them during a nightclub drug raid.
     Even topless dancers have rights not to be strip searched unlawfully by police, U.S. District Judge Mary S. Scriven found . . .

The article goes on to say that the plaintiffs were wearing street clothes at the time of the September 2009 raid at Biggins Gentleman's Club. Maybe so, but hello-ooo! Why did the cops feel the need to strip them? They're topless dancers! If you just watch and wait, won't they eventually do it to themselves?

As much as I like most humans, they sure are a hard breed to understand.

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misselaineous said...

HAH!!! Giggle...snort...missed this one in the NJ...Thanks for the 1st morning laugh, Buddy. *e* & PupPup :}